When it comes to safe, high quality poles, X-Pole is the only way to go. There are some other good poles out there, but X-Pole is widely accepted as the industry standard.

In my studio I have 45mm chrome xpert poles, and I use a 45mm chrome xstage lite for outdoor events.

9 out of 10 times the answer is X-Pert. The Sport Poles are very similar, but without the spin feature. Even if you only work with static poles for now, chances are you'll want to spin eventually, so I recommend spending the extra money up front to have both features.

First time pole buyers often contact me about stage poles, because they sound portable, or because they worry an X-Pert will damage their ceiling. Properly installed X-Pert poles will not damage your ceiling, are lightweight and portable, and can be set up by one person in 10 minutes.

Even the Lite version of the X-Stage weighs over 200lbs, comes in 4 large carry cases, can be tough to assemble on your own, and despite being completely safe, feels wobbly. I only recommend an X-Stage if you plan to pole somewhere that you cannot install an X-Pert, like outside. Even if you have tall or vaulted ceilings, you can get a custom size X-Pert to meet your needs.

I love my X-Pert poles. They've traveled to retreats with me, lasted through many classes, and I can get them up and down on my own in minutes. I appreciate my X-Stage for what it allows me to do- perform at festivals, outdoor photoshoots, etc., but I'm never inclined to use it for regular practice.

Chrome is the most widely used, competition standard pole. I'd recommend this finish so that you're used to the poles you'll likely find at studios and competitions. However, some people find they have allergies to chrome, in which case I'd recommend Stainless Steel as an alternative.

Brass or Powder Coated are good for those who need a little extra grip for sweaty hands, though you're not likely to run into them much out in the pole world. I'd recommend getting something with a more standard grip so that you don't become dependent on the extra grip. However, if you just plan to pole at home and would appreciate some grip support, try Brass.

45mm is the current standard. I'd recommend going with a 45 for the same reasons I'd recommend chrome. But if you have small hands, 40mm will be a little easier to grip. 50mm  are not uncommon, but unless you have particularly large hands, you may find them difficult to use.

Unless you have a specific reason to chose something else, I always recommend a 45mm Chrome X-Pert!  

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