Wikipedia has a list of 79 types of tourism, but they’re missing an important one: Pole Dance Tourism!!!

What is Pole Dance Tourism?

Well, it’s something I’m starting tomorrow. I will be leaving my home in Seattle tomorrow morning to move to LA for a while. On my way, I will be visiting as many pole studios as possible to learn the different tricks, tips, and techniques each one has to offer.
Additionally, I will be taking a trip to the Midwest later this year, and I’m planning to expand the project internationally in the future.

Do you want to come with me?

You’re totally invited!!! As I travel, I’ll be sharing everything I learn via video lessons, interviews, studio reviews and more!
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Why am I doing this?

Aside from the obvious reasons, that it will be amazingly fun and help me grow as a dancer and teacher, I also want to support and promote studios!

As a studio owner myself, I know that running a pole studio is a labor of love, not money. If classes don’t consistently fill up, it can be very difficult to even keep the doors open. I’m hoping to help studios get some extra publicity, and also educate people about the huge variety of pole styles that cater to a variety of demographics. The more popular pole becomes, the easier it will be for studios to thrive.

If you’re interested in helping me in my mission to support the incredible pole communities around the world, share this post with a friend who might be interested in this project! The more readers I have, the more I can do to support local studios and pole communities.

Do you know about a studio I need to visit?

Tell me about it here! What makes it unique or special? My current plans are to visit the US West Coast and Midwest, but I’m hoping to go on more trips in the future, so I’m taking suggestions for studios anywhere in the world!

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